Most commonly, the term "spam" is used in the sense of "spam" mail. These are messages, letters sent to you from unknown people or organizations (unknown address), which you have not given permission. Typically, spam is a mass mailing to a large number of addresses containing advertisements or commercial offers, etc.

What do you do to protect E-mail from spammers? As this oppose? It's simple - never leave your address in clear text on websites, forums, blogs and other Internet resources. And what to do for the average person, if you still need somewhere to post your e-mail address? In this case we suggest you to use our service for generating e-mail addresses as images. As such, no spam bot does not detect your address.

So, in order to generate an image, enter your e-mail address and click "hide" - in the end you will see your email address, but it will not be in text form and in the form of pictures. Will address this below picture.