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Ally Financial sues cybersquatter who pointed domains to Chase.com
24.01.2013 20:15

Bank files anti-cybersquatting lawsuit after domain owner refused to hand over domain names.

AllyAlly Financial (GMAC) has filed a lawsuit against a Scottsdale man who allegedly registered domains including the Ally brand and forwarded the to its rival Chase.com.

According to the suit (pdf), Donald Jones registered a handful of domain names including AllyBankLoans.com, AllyBancShares.com, and AllyNationalBank.com. Ally alleges that he then forwarded these domain names to VeteransNationalBank.us, a web site he owns.

When Ally contacted Jones, the bank says he tried to strike a deal in which he’d give up the domain names only if Ally partnered with him on a new banking/loan venture. When Ally rejected the proposal, he started forwarding the domain names to rival bank Chase.com.

As is typical in a cybersquatting case, Ally is asking for statutory damages of up to $100,000 per domain name.

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