Our service will help define the DNS domain name. Records in DNS are used to manage the domain zone. Records are used to service the site IP address detection, mail server features etc Tool will provide full information to the specified domain name.

You will learn all the domain, which will give the server serving it up:
IP is an individual, unique address on the Internet or local NET.
host is any device or computer connected to the Internet.
E-mail – domain email, postal service currently is available to all hosting providers. The address of the administrator of .
MX – account that identifies the email points to a mail server for the domain.
MX A is a DNS record used to translate the language of the domain name in a digital format, indicates compliance with the IP address and the hostname .
TTL specifies the time that the resource record to cache is maintained neotvetstvennom DNS server Serial Number is a secondary servers for a zone change.
NS-these are the entries that point to a name server for a particular domain, the primary function of the domain delegation is NS:
SOA indicates to the server that holds the primary (master) domain information.
CNAME forwards the hostname to another name, alias
CLASS defines a class used by the network.
TXT is intended for additional information which can identify the owner of the domain
SRV — specify the servers for services (in particular, Active Directory, and Jabber).