• Internet connection speed
One of the factors for comfortable operation on the World Wide Web is the Internet connection speed. That is why the speed of the Internet are interested in not only the people working on the Web, but also any user on the network. Check it out, you can quickly and for free right on this page.

So what is the speed of the Internet. This is the number of bits of information per second (usually measured in 1000 bits per second). Not be confused for LAN connection speed and the actual speed of your Internet connection. This test will measure the speed of your Internet connection, the download speeds on your computer by our server.

Are you interested in "how to check the speed of the Internet?", very easy! Click on the button below "Start get internet speed" and wait for the data processing.

Connection speed varies depending on many factors. To obtain an accurate result " your Internet speed " close or disable all programmes related to the transfer of data (for example, downloading music, listen to online radio or viewing the film, programs for downloading (uTorrent, emule, bittorrent, flashget, etc.), email-clients, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk and other programs), only in the complete absence of data transfer result will be approximately 97% accuracy. For more accurate results, better retest several times and compare the data to previous.